Comfortable and stylish fashion since 1999

I’ve started to design my own clothes creating comfortable, stylish fashion in 1999, since then all my efforts are taken to create beautiful and comfortable products that can be appreciated by every women. At the beginning I've started to design Free Size garments, that doesn’t mean Oversize, to let you free to wear them the way you like but since two years ago, when most of my customers started to ask for sizes, I partially

changed, creating for some styles, SMALL/MEDIUM and MEDIUM/LARGE sizes too. Attention to details, colors and creativity are Domino Moda distinctive features, as well as my way to interpret the “stile italiano” at its best. Domino Moda is sensitive to fashion dictates but its own recognizable style overcomes fashion itself, being always up-to-date in time: it's your way to be! From my atelier, based in Milano, I ship directly worldwide.

Autumn/Winter 2018-19 Collection


Spring/Summer 2018 Collection